Multifamily and Mixed-use DSCR Loans

Commercial and Multifamily DSCR Loans From $500,000 to $5,000,000. Purchase & refinance on a 30 year fixed. 

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Commercial Loan

Commercial Loan

For commercial loans, we lend in metropolitan statistical areas that have at least a population of 50,000.

We cannot lend against special purposes properties such as Gas Station, Convenience Store, Car Wash, Auto Dealership, Auto Repair, Self-Storage, Boat Storage, Restaurants, Hospital, Medical Facilities (Surgery, Nursing, Rehab), Assisted Living, Schools, College, University, Religious Facility, and Sports Facility.

Potentially on a bridge, we can structure a rehab holdback that is released through draws as work is completed. We fund bridge multifamily and mixed-use on a case by case basis, email us to get a quote. 

We typically do not require an interest reserve for DSCR. For bridge, we may require an interest reserve (pre-paid interest) at closing. It ranges from 3-12 months and depends on the borrower’s loan request and credentials.

In certain circumstances we may be able to consider lending against land. The land value would need to be $500k or more.

Yes – properties owned for less than 12 months will be evaluated against the purchase price and capital expenditures incurred since purchase.

There is no prepayment penalty requirement but it does impact the rate — the lower the prepayment penalty term, the higher the rate.

Yes, all loans require a personal guaranty from any member owning at least 25% of the borrowing entity, with a minimum of 51% of the owners providing a guaranty.

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