Cash vs Hard Money, what is the difference?

The real estate industry presents numerous investment opportunities for investors, each with its own requirements. One question commonly asked is the distinction between hard money and cash when it comes to making an offer to purchase a property. This article delves into the disparities between these two methods and examines their pros and cons in […]

Delayed Financing Helps You Grow Quicker

Some real estate investors use cash to purchase their investment properties and there are many advantages to doing so. If you can make an all-cash offer, with no financing contingency, you are putting yourself at an advantage over other investors or buyers, after all, “cash is king.” This may also benefit you because it can […]

How to Get a Loan for a Rental Property

It is important as a real estate investor to realize that finding a good cash-flowing rental property is just one piece of the puzzle. The financing aspect is just as important. It is not ideal to be in a situation where you are under contract to purchase a rental property that you either will not […]

Bridge or Hard Money Financing

Whether you’re new to real estate investing or an industry titan, you know that banks are vital but often lack speed and flexibility. Add to that their focus on lending for owner-occupied, primary, or secondary residences, and it becomes clear that banks underserve the market when it comes to loans for investment properties. In this […]

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